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Mousetrapper Advance 2.0

by MouseTrapper

The Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 is an inline / central pointing device that is based around the innovative "steering control pad" that incorporates features and concepts of both a touchpad and a treadmill. The silicone-coated, slip-free steering pad req ...

The Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 is an inline / central pointing device that is based around the innovative "steering control pad" that incorporates features and concepts of both a touchpad and a treadmill. The silicone-coated, slip-free steering pad requires only finger-tip pressure to achieve precise cursor movement (up to 2000 DPI), left click activation and vertical scrolling. Unlike traditional touch pads where the finger is moved across a static surface, the fingertips are used to dynamically move the steering pad, sliding it left or right and "running" it up and down in treadmill-like fashion. The fingers can rest on the steering pad between mouse activation tasks, with a left click being activated anywhere on the steering pad by simply pressing down against the pad. Because the fingers are physically moving the steering pad there is a much greater degree of tactile feedback than is provided by traditional touchpads, which in turn facilitates a greater degree of accuracy and control. As well, because the steering pad is not touch-sensitive there is no fear of movement disruption if additional fingers contact the steering pad - in fact, most people will naturally use multiple fingers to move the pad, making it a more natural movement than traditional touchpad control. The two-dimensional steering pad also offers an intuitive interface that for some may be easier to adjust to than rollerbars, touchpads or trackballs.

Six buttons adjacent to the steering pad provide quick access to double click, right click, left click, cruise (scroll)-up, and cruise (scroll)-down functions. All click functions can be re-programmed or customized using the optional MT Keys software which offers a wide range of keyboard short cut or macro options as well as cursor DPI adjustment. An integrated "keyboard support" pad can also be folded out to elevate low profile keyboards or stored below the Mousetrapper when using more traditional keyboards.

The body of the Mousetrapper Advance also serves as a palm support to help minimize the risk of wrist extension with replaceable Lycra-covered pads offering cushioning to reduce pressure points against the palms and wrists. Like most central pointing devices, the Mousetrapper Advance requires no overextension of the shoulder joint, and can significantly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries to the muscles of the shoulder and upper back.

The Advance 2.0 differs from the Advance (SMT417) cosmetically by being available in two models with stylish accent colours: white (MT112) or turquoise (MT113). Functional differences include six programmable buttons instead of five — the central button on the Advance has been replaced in the 2.0 with two scroll buttons for up and down. In addition, the palm supports on the Advance 2.0 are replaceable (unlike those on the Advance), which makes cleaning the palm supports much easier.

The Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 est un dispositif de pointage central qui utilise un mécanism de tapis roulant (un hybride entre un touchpad et treadmill) pour le mouvement du curseur aussi que les actions du clic gauche. Le pad pilotage est fabriqué avec une surface enduit de silicone, onduté, qui offre le control façile des doigts, et exige le dextérité minimal pour bouger le curseur. La surface du pad est effectivement un matiériel adhérence sur les doigts, qui façilite le mouvement du pad pilotage. Le control exige l'effort minimale car le pad bouge sans effort. Ce niveau de fonctionnalité peut être opposer des touchpads lorsqu`on glisse le doigt sur une surface static qui ne bouge pas.

Le pad pilotage sur l`Advance 2.0 offre le défilement à deux dimensions aussi que défilement vertical. Le clic gauche peut ce faire n'importe endroit sur le pad de pilotage. Les boutons autour du pad pilotage offre l`acces au double clic, clic gauche, clic droite, et les fonctions du clic de millieu. 

Le Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 a des supports de paume en lycra qui sont remplacable. Il y a aussi un tapis flexible en couleur gris qui est attacher pour mêtre un clavier dessus. Comme la plus part des dispositif de pointage centrals, le Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 empêche de s'étirer trop dans la jointure de l`épaule, et peut considérablement réduire les blessures dans les muscles du cou et le haut du dos.

L`Advance 2.0 est différent que l`Advance (SMT417)  cosmétiquement en étant disponible en deux modèles avec des couleurs vives: blanc (MT112) ou turquoise (MT113). Les différences fonctionnelles incluent six boutons programmables au lieu de cinq — le bouton central de l’Advance a été remplacé dans la version 2.0 par deux boutons de défilement pour le haut et le bas. De plus, les supports de paume de l`Advance 2.0 sont remplaçables (contrairement à ceux de l`Advance), ce qui facilite grandement le nettoyage des supports de paume.

Model #DescriptionPriceIn Stock?Buy Now
MT112Mousetrapper Advance 2.0, USB, Lycra covered Palm Supports, Black with White Accents$285.00Yes
MT113Mousetrapper Advance 2.0, USB, Lycra covered Palm Supports, Black with Turquoise Accents$285.00Yes
Model #DescriptionPriceIn Stock?Buy Now
TB201 Mousetrapper Armrest for Advance 2.0 and Prime$115.00 No
TB204 Mousetrapper Replacement USB Cable, Black$10.00 Yes
TB212 Mousetrapper Replacement Palm Support Advance 2.0, Black/White$40.00 Yes
TB213 Mousetrapper Replacement Palm Support Advance 2.0, Black/Turquoise$40.00 Yes