Intuitive Fingertip Cursor and Click Control in a Load-Balancing Design

Ultra-Lightweight Carbon-Fibre Rollerbar Facilitates Almost Effortless Cursor Control

Image showing Mousetrapper Delta Rollerbar in Use

The DELTA is equipped with a ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre "RollerBar" that offers a more decentralized control that reduces inward reach for both hands. While it might be thought that this is a departure for Mousetrapper devices, it is actually a return to the original rollerbar concept originally debuted by Mousetrapper in 1994, thirty years ago.

This large 0.8" diameter ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre rollerbar requires the lightest of touches for complete cursor control - sliding for horizontal movement and rotating for vertical. A light press of the bar activates the click. The surface of the rollerbar is a subtle spiral-textured slip-free surface that grips the fingers with the slightest of pressure. The spiralling textured surface offers instant tactile feedback to help guide cursor control and an audible "click" is generated with each press of the rollerbar (it can also be turned off through the MT Keys Programming Interface). The Mousetrapper DELTA features an increbidble 4000 DPI maximum for superior cursor control that will meet the needs of the most demanding of operators.

Centralized Primary Control Cluster

Image showing Mousetrapper DELTA Centralized Control Cluster

Like all other Mousing Solutions from Mousetrapper, the Mousetrapper DELTA offers an almost-effortless and strain-relieving method of cursor movement and click control, with both hands equally capable of accessing all controls. These "Central" or "Inline" mousing devices eliminate the awkward and high risk repetitive reach to the side for a traditional mouse by centrally positioning both the means of cursor control and the clicking controls just below the front edge of the keyboard. As a result, limited movement is required to reposition the fingers the short three and a half inches from the homerow position on the keyboard to being in full control of the mousing device. The injury-causing outward shoulder rotation is eliminated, with the additional advantage of being able to load-balance the mousing functions between both hands. In addition these devices eliminate the requirement to Grip and Pinch, as well as hover above the mouse buttons, actions which may lead to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Each Mousetrapper device has its own unique features but all models share the Centralized Control Cluster concept, Integrated Palm Supports, and Full Programmability.

Image showing Side Buttons on Mousetrapper Delta

The Roller Bar on the Mousetrapper Delta is flanked by two additional buttons whose default functions are "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out". The functions can also be easily customized to match individual's preferences by moving to another button, replacing it with one of the many other preset functions as described below.

Customizable Controls with Driverless Programming

Image Showing Screenshot of MTKeys Programming Interface

The centralized control cluster not only reduces the risk factors associated with the repetitive motions common to traditional mouse positon and movement, it is also equipped to offer individuals the opportunity to further reduce the movements necessary to complete common tasks. The Delta includes 6 programmable buttons. By employing the driver-free MTKeys software that is now accessible through a browser window (i.e. no download required)—and available for both Windows and Mac OS X—it is possible to select from a wide range of preconfigured common keyboard shortcuts or actions, mouse clicks (left, right, double), or can create one's own custom keyboard combination shortcuts. The software will also retain multiple profiles which can be programmed to the Mousetrapper with a couple of clicks. This makes it a great solution for multi-user workstations or when switching between applications. AND, because the programming is retained on the Mousetrapper, the device carries the programming with it.

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